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I got my back porch back (Nov. 1st, 2012.) I made both water heaters into one that fits on the stove and now I moved my propane tank back over to the other side.( My heater still needs a lid from maybe a one gallon paint can.)
     It will take some tweaking and rivets instead of the hose clamp. But the real challenge is making it work of one burner instead of two. If I can get it to work well enough, I've lowered my carbon foot print even more.

stove top instant water heater created by dennis  j sattler at

It originally had an instant water heater I bought at Walmart for about a hundred dollars. I use a $39.00 double hose fitted bulge pump from Harbor Freight, the pumps a constant 10 psi. I cycle the water back to the tank because the heater has no thermostat. I divert the cycle through the shower head and restrict the flow to control the temperature and conserve water. Crank it open for about 20-30 second of wash down at the end of my shower. This way I save over two hundred dollars and I don't have to carry six gallons of water to push six gallons out of a water heater. Saves weight and it actually works better than the shower I had in my Airstream at  conserving water. I have thirteen gallons of water storage on each side. Its good for either three long or four short showers.

bypass water pump 12 volt diaphragm pump

At one time I thought the second pump was about to go, (and it was only alagy bocking the screen,) I'd order this bypass pump of which I've finally replaced as the third pump in the month of Aug. '12.

Like the idea of lighting the burner in water heater before turning on the pump. I could seriously damage the heater and melt your hoses. For sure it could burn the hell out of you like it's done me. Sure I may only use 10% of my brain, so I'm pretty stupid. But you better be smarter than me to figure out how to use one of these safely. I'm saying that you have to be crazy if you think you can rig up something like this and burn your ass sometime, so don't try coming around trying to sue me our something. If you do, well deem that you are a dumb ass for even trying something like this.

synchro-link type water heater, by dennis sattler

In this picture you may notice I've made a coil of copper tubing, (a little blurry,) I place a vented coffee can over as a secondary water heater which helps out a lot in the winter months when the water in the tanks are much colder and the external camp shower heater just doesn't do the job very well on its own.

    The shower tub is a masonry work pan I bought at Home Depot. It  actually slides out a few inches with the use of   3/4" bilge hose and  side drain  deck drain,  (I found at West Marine.) I know it looks gross back there, I have actually cleaned it up since then.

slide out shower tray

shower head lumbing for instant water heater return

I used two heavy duty vinyl shower curtains hung by dungy cords. I use shower head shut off valves in two places. The metal ones like thepink arrow points to are the best. Theblue arrowpointed to a plastic one.

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It takes an adapter to have High pressure for the Zodi  Camp Shower heater and Regulated Low pressure supply for the stove have catalytic heater



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