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Solar Powered Camper

solar panels

My electricity bill: I paid it once, it was pricey, but it's good for 100 watts and there isn't any envelope coming in the mail each month. I'd like to get a 12 volt refrigerator next, BUT then I'd need another 50 watt panel and battery.

Solar controlers

I use a double pole, double throw switch separate the two solar controllers I use. I do have a separate single pole switch for the ground of the one on the left just because of the possibility that its power indicator draws a little power and I know it dose. The one one the right is a de-sulferizing type.
      It's the best one to use for battery longevity and ability to charge faster, BUT it's weak point is that if the battery doesn't have enough charge in it, like early in the morning, it just won't charge. It will also make your wires hum. - when toped off and just de-sulferizing.

I run two deep cycle batteries in the truck and one in the camper. The ones in the truck are wired heavy dudy, BUT the camper is just light dudy with just a 15-20 amp fuss separating them thought a trailer plug. I do use two of the plug's circuit, (two wires leads worth, for the one lead.)
     I also have a de-suferizer on the truck that I alternate between the two batteries with, even though they say they can do up to four. They say something about the closer to the battery the better.
     I've have several different battery setups over the years and so far I think that it's the best one so far.

solar panels on truck cab

For a rainy day Extra 80 watts

Low Cost low voltage Lighting.
September 30, 2015:
Finally I have come up with top notch lighting that doesn't burn out.
       I've tried several ways to turn inexpensive lights into something I can use in my camper that may put off as much light as the florescent lights but with less wattage.

low voltage light hanging

The rest is pretty self explanatory. None the less, notice the washer fastened to the ceiling to hold the light in place by the magnet on the back and a hook or another wire works great as a safety hook in case the light gets knocked around. .
      The hook also works good if you want to use the three element light on the end for ultra conservation of power.
       Where you drill the hole in the back is pretty critical if you want the unit to close up right. And you don't want it too close to the magnet either.

12 volt power converter

To help keep my cage cool I use a power converter to operate a Silenx micro fan which is designed to operate at 6 to 12 volts.

Selected power range with stops

This picture shows how I have block the switch so I won't give them any more than 4.5 volts.
       With the power converter, I'm using to supply three lights I'm able to use the two lowest voltage settings, therefore I get two brightness setting.

Helpful Hint for Wiring for low voltage light

Oh yeah: I got the light at Harbor Freight and the voltage converter was bought at Radio Shack.

Keeping It Clean


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Size 2 arial.

You may have noticed that my idea of neat a tighty electrical wires does not exist. Well, maybe a little. it's been getting better over the years, but the reason it looks the mess that it does is that it has been changed around a number of times over the years, but in the past couple years I've got closer to what is more practical. For instance, now I have three way lighting switches at my bed and at the door, and I'm talking florescent and non florescent.

I use a Jack amplified TV antenna, however I ditched the 120AC converter power supply and I've wired it directly to my 12 volt DC supply.

I've got a Pioneer Super tuner for a stereo and I can run the stereo DVD and TV through it.

In this picture you may notice I had cardboard on the walls to help insulate it. But since then, I've installed rigid foam board and boy you would believe the difference it makes.

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