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Mini Kitchen to Go

Painting a Mini kitchen in a camper

I better like Gray, because the rest of the campers interior got a dose of it too. Well, it dose have a nice blue look to in the darker light. I think I like it better than the day glow blue I had before. It was either this gray they didn't go with at the motel, or the brown that is on the floor of my tooler.
Certainly wasn't going to pay for anything.

Mini Kitchen Pantry in camper

The thing that's wrong with most RV and camper set-ups is that you can't cook very well on unlevel ground. Well I just wedge something under the stove top to make it level.

I've been using an Iglue 5 day ice chest. Luckily they come with a garden hole  drain fitting so  I use a 3/4 inch hose adapter and reduced it down to 5/16 for a drain through the floor. When I put on the brakes, the excess water vacates automatically, which works fine in the winter. (5-7 days with block ice.)  Helpful Hint: I put a layer of foam insulation around it and a layer under it and I raise up the non-drain end. That extra layer with my beater jacket covering the top helps.

A used packing crate sparked the AAD in what I've been occupying my time with, so on July 28,'12 the mini kitchen went through another remodel.

After a trip to a warmer climate, I realized the side effect of our government and its playing with the value of our dollar. Yah see, they want to sell more planes and military gear, but the result is us paying more for our I-phones. And the side effect of that inflation, is the inflation of a block of ice.
      After contemplating on paying $4.50 for a block of ice; for how many times every week. It doesn't take long before it adds up and ends being accounted for in the monthly veritable-budget.
     This kind of thing can get you thinking, when you fire up the heater, or open up the door and it's quite warm inside the cage. It got me into thinking a few times about the fact that even if I managed to get the money for an extra battery and solar panel to even run the constant 5 watts it takes to run a refrigerator. Even it's efficacy drops by the waste-side when it deals with the temperature differences from the inside to the out side. More insulation helps, but in the long run it's all about the temperature differential.
     We'll shorten the documentary I've got going on here....
     I decided a long time ago that my Cage needed a pantry. The deal is that: the cooler air is usually on the out side so I decided to build an airtight cabinet that is vented to the outside, just as a pantry would be.

Ice box in pantry to stay cooler

For now the front is a mix of 3/8" and 1/8", and it has sliding doors; and what need is a 4 X 4 sheet of 1/4" so I can build it with a single 24" wide door on hinges.
     I've been contemplating on what I can do with an old card table. But it's not really worth wasting my time on it unless I have enough 1/4" to get rid of the 3/8" on the bottom.

Update: I can tell you that my milk and other things are much cooler than before. I can think of the money I'm going to save myself with this one.

Roll off camper pantry

For those carpenters who saw the funky trim piece on the earlier pic. There was a line drawn and I had to glue two layers of this stuff together. This supper thin 1/8" ply wood as some kind of fiberglass cords laminated between the layers. Paint one side, the woood swells and it bows. When it dries, it bows back.

Pantry holes in the side of a camper at synchro-link

For circular air flow, because I've got my air holes intelligently arranged. (I have added a couple more hole since this picture.) I got four going in and four going out. While driving down the road, the air should flow around the ice box counter clock wise when looking down at it.

August 4th, 2012:

My ice box in a pantry idea works outrageously great. Man -oh-man. I when to put a new block in and discovered that I actually had two pretty good size chunks still in there; what? Heak, I got seven days out of one block in Morro Bay's late July climate. Better than the 2 1/2 blocks per week I have gone through in the summer months.
      The winter months I'd go through about 7 or 8 blocks per month and I can see already that I'll surely save 50% on that already. I'm guessing that it will be saving me about $10-20 per month and my food will keep better too.
      My guess at this early stage, is that I'll be saving about $150-200.oo per year. That used up packing create I kick the panels out of was a good find fore sure. Feels like cash in the pocket and less dependency upon civilization.

I've already decided on a couple improvements I would incorporate into the next Synchro-Cooler I put together. I'll most like do it once I replace the rotted old busted up side board I have right now. (I eventually would like to replace it with 1 1/2" tubing and plywood.)
      Anyhow, I've noticed the cold air that overflows into the pantry when I open the lid of the ice box because the colder air is dropping down on my feet as now days. Realizing this, I can imagine that just raising the pantry door opening a couple inches would give me at least three inches over the the top edge of the ice box. That would do something about the cold air dropping on my feet instead of around the ice box that is inside a box that could retain some coldness that we are looking for.
      Then again to be more efficient than what I have now. The vents (or holes) for the outside air to flow into the pantry box should be much more intelligently placed if they were all placed above the height of the bottom edge of the access door. (I'm going to block of a couple of my lower ones and see if I can squeeze a couple in higher up.)

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Funny how when I lived in Washington, I spent about two night per week in my house eight months out of the year. It was because it wasn't where I wanted to be.

This is camping out in style.

You would believe how many homeless people and surfers really dig this set-up. It's something like most guys around here would like take to Mexico.


My stove is Stainless steel with Brass Burners I bought it at Harbor Freight for $29.oo it came from India.

Helpful Hint: Handy wipes or even more cost effective - Baby wipes - do a fine job of cleaning stainless steel.


Those Pesky Car Guys


I get used to the fact that I always have sand in my shower tube. But a paint brush works pretty good.

The way my tanks are set up.... You'd thanks me for how easy that are to clear out. The    7 gallon tanks were at Walmart for under $10 each. And they had  a good price on the plumbers strapping I used to hang them with.


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