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Helpful Hints for Campers

Low Cost low voltage Lighting.
September 30, 2015:
Finally I have come up with top notch lighting that doesn't burn out.
       I've tried several ways to turn inexpensive lights into something I can use in my camper that may put off as much light as the florescent lights but with less wattage.

low voltage light hanging

The rest is pretty self explanatory. None the less, notice the washer fastened to the ceiling to hold the light in place by the magnet on the back and a hook or another wire works great as a safety hook in case the light gets knocked around. .
      The hook also works good if you want to use the three element light on the end for ultra conservation of power.
       Where you drill the hole in the back is pretty critical if you want the unit to close up right. And you don't want it too close to the magnet either.

12 volt power converter

To help keep my cage cool I use a power converter to operate a Silenx micro fan which is designed to operate at 6 to 12 volts.

Selected power range with stops

This picture shows how I have block the switch so I won't give them any more than 4.5 volts.
       With the power converter, I'm using to supply three lights I'm able to use the two lowest voltage settings, therefore I get two brightness setting.
Oh yeah: I got the light at Harbor Freight and the voltage converter was bought at Radio Shack.

Helpful Hint for Wiring for low voltage light

In this picture you may notice I've made a coil of copper tubing, (a little blurry,) I place a vented coffee can over as a secondary water heater which helps out a lot in the winter months when the water in the tanks are much colder and the external camp shower heater just doesn't do the job very well on its own.

I've been using an Iglue 5 day ice chest. Luckily they come with a garden hole  drain fitting so  I use a 3/4 inch hose adapter and reduced it down to 5/16 for a drain through the floor. When I put on the brakes, the excess water vacates automatically, which works fine in the winter. (5-7 days with block ice.)  Helpful Hint: I made a insulating foam box to fit around it. That extra layer with my beater jacket covering the top helps.

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My Synchro-link truck
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Funny how when I lived in Washington, I spent about two night per week in my house eight months out of the year. It was because it wasn't where I wanted to be.

This is camping out in style.

You would believe how many homeless people and surfers really dig this set-up. It's something like most guys around here would like take to Mexico.


My stove is Stainless steel with Brass Burners I bought it at Harbor Freight for $29.oo it came from India.

(Helpful Hint: Handy wipes or even more cost effective - Baby wipes - do a fine job of cleaning stainless steel.)


Those Pesky Car Guys


I get used to the fact that I always have sand in my shower tube. But a piece of foam works pretty good.

The way my tanks are set up.... You'd thanks me for how easy that are to clear out. The    7 gallon tanks were at Walmart for under $10 each. And they had a good price on the plumbers strapping I used to hang them with.




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