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Roll-off Camper

It's basically the Roll Off Camper Box is built on my old 80" wide flatbed. It was built utilizing 10 foot sheets of plywood and it leaves a 16" deck off the back so I'm able to stand at the door.

It now has a small window for light, but living at job site and where ever, I'm not one to want to come back home to find the windows are busted out. They are just not practical for my use and for the longest time while living on the road, I was able to park just about anywhere without being detected as a camper. I'm sure there are many homeless people out there who would rather not get harassed by the cops. But as I've always said, its not fooling the cops, it just fools the people around it which means the cops are less likely to get a complaint from people who just need something to complain about.

5 foot hight roll off camper

At first I built by using 4 x 10 sheets of ply wood on top of the original 2" by 12" side boards and added 4ft. wide sheet of ply wood which left me with a Box of only 5 foot high. I wanted it to store my personal junk inside it while I was out of the country. I used some fiberglass cloth strips and some resin on the ridge. Primed it right inside and out and used snow roof on the top. I figured that it would hold up for at least five years if not maintained at all.

Things don't always go as they should and I had to come back so I added an extra 16" to the height. Since it's wood with a snow roof type top, it doesn't get as hot inside as regular camper type metal boxes.

June 4th, 2011:
I thought I'd try to modify the original specs of the graphic design, not only in an attempt of exaggerating what ever was working for the stripe on the Tooler, but in an effort of covering a nasty mark in the old paint job. The wider 45% stripe and lack of a smaller portioned radius, made the design unrecognizable. Quite ugly if you ask me, so that idea was dumped immediately.

ugly stripe on roll off camper


roll off camper with graphics

Synchro-link Roll-off Camper

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My next addition will be a 6 ft. umbrella for my back porch. I just haven't made a mount for it yet.


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As for the paint:
I stayed away from enamels because they tend to get too hard and peal eventually.
It was originally Primes with Gripper, a latex (water based) primer made by Glidden.
The original finish was Dulux Exterior Latex Simi-Gloss House paint.
The current graphic paint job is done in Gidden exterior latex simi_gloss.

The calking:

quad surfboard bottom in purple

Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wake surfing yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wake Surfing Trend,
they know what works.


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